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Rex Model 1600 Standard Dial Durometer

The Model 1600 is Rex’s best-seller for good reason – its large 2.25″ (5.7 cm) dial face with full 360° dial sweep allows discernment to within 1/2 point, the maximum accuracy available in a dial model gauge – all at a minimal cost.

The Model 1600 is available in Types A, D, B, C, DO, O, OO, and OOO. They all conform to ASTM D2240. All models are generally immediately available; types A and D are often in stock at Diversified Enterprises; Types B, C, DO, O, OO, and OOO are available by special order, but ship without delay from the manufacturer. It is also available as a Type A micro durometer, as described here.

We ship via ground service prepaid at no charge to all U.S. commercial addresses, and correspondingly discount all residential and air shipments. Minimum order $40.00.
Code Description List Price Our Price Qty.
26161 Rex 1600 type A durometer $480.00 $421.50
26164 Rex 1600 type D durometer $480.00 $421.50

For other types (Item 26169), please call or email.

Features and Specs:

Instructions for use:

Hold the durometer in a vertical position and press the foot of the gauge firmly against the specimen, but not so firmly as to imbed the foot into the surface of the material – a force of 1 kg (2.2 lb.) is ideal. The dial hand gives the reading in durometer points. Creep or cold-flow of the specimen, if present, will be evident by receding action of the dial hand.

Note the initial reading, and again, the reading after a given time delay while maintaining firm contact of the foot against the specimen. An example of a properly noted durometer reading: “Durometer A 61, creep 7 at 15 seconds, 73°F” (the notation "creep 7" would reflect a test where the reading dropped from 61 to 54 over the time span cited). Repeat these steps for each use. At rest position the durometer should read 90-95 for Types A, B, and O; zero for Types C, D, DO, OO, and OOO.