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LDPE Dispensing Bottles

LDPE Dispensing Bottles

These dispensing bottles come in sizes from one ounce to one pint. Small sizes are perfect for drawdown testing and for transfer of surface tension test fluids to cotton applicator swabs. All sizes are supplied with a sealing cap as well as the dropper tip, making them ideal storage containers for laboratory solutions as well.

All Dispensing and Packaging Bottles are now discounted together by dollar amount as follows:

$100.00 - 249.99 at 4%
$250.00 - $499.00 at 8%
$500.00 or more at 12%

We ship via ground service prepaid at no charge to all U.S. commercial addresses, and correspondingly discount all residential and air shipments. Minimum order $40.00.
Code (Size) Capacity Price (each) Quantity
61661 1 oz. (30ml) $0.65
61662 2 oz. (60ml) $0.70
61676 16 oz. (500ml) $1.65

Component Pricing

We offer bottles, closures, and dispenser tips separately, to allow you to purchase only the components needed for your application. Whereas the original manufacturer case quantities do not match, we re-package the caps and tips so the case lot quantities are all equivalent, offering an opportunity for significant savings and coordinated purchasing schedules.

Dispenser bottle components may only be availale by case lot. Please call us at 603-543-0038 or email us for details.

LDPE Bottles Only

Code (Size) Capacity Closure Price Qty
61601 1 oz. (30ml) 18-410 $0.45
61602 2 oz. (60ml) 18-410 $0.45
61616 16 oz. (500ml) 28-410 $1.60

Closure Caps Only

Code (Size) Fits Closure Our Price Quantity
61631 1-2 oz. (30-60ml) 18-410 $0.17
61632 4-8 oz. (125-250ml) 24-410 $0.20
61633 16 oz. (500ml) 28-410 $0.20

Dispenser Tips Only

Code (Size) Capacity Closure Price Qty
61651 1-2 oz. (30-60ml) 18-400 $0.23
61652 4-8 oz. (125-250ml) 24-410 $0.23
61653 16 oz. (500ml) 28-410 $0.28