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4th State - 4th State specializes in contract plasma services to modify surface properties of materials. We have the capability to treat discrete parts, large panels, films, non-wovens, and fabrics to 60" widths.

AcXys Technologies - AcXys Technologies design, manufacture and sell surface preparation solutions based on atmospheric plasma technology. We provide standard or custom equipment as well as R & D services.

Corotec - Corotec Corporation manufactures a complete line of corona discharge surface treatment equipment and accessories for treating both conductive and non-conductive materials in narrow-web, wide-web, 3D, and sheet-fed formats.

Electro Tech Industries - Electro Tech Industries is a leading manufacturer and exporter of corona treaters in India since 1992, having installations worldwide. Awarded the International Star Award in Gold Category for commitment to product quality in Paris in 2001.

Empire Treater Rolls - Suppliers of Glassed Steel Treater Rolls, which permit comparable film treatment to be achieved at lower power levels, while offering a full 5 year warranty.

Flynn Burner Corp. - Flynn Burner Corp. manufactures flame plasma surface treaters to promote adhesion of inks, coatings, etc. to polymer and metal surfaces. The technology incorporates precise flame chemistry control using the Flynn Flame Plasma Analyzer™.

March Plasma Systems - March Plasma Systems designs and manufactures an award-winning line of plasma systems for the semiconductor, printed circuit board (PCB), and medical device industries.

Pillar Technologies - Pillar Technologies remains ready to serve your surface treatment needs; please take time to review the Pillar Technologies Product Impact Movie.

QC Electronics - Increase dyne levels and surface tension efficiently by corona treating your material. QC Electronics manufactures a complete line of corona treating equipment suitable for all applications.

Tantec - Tantec has over 30 years of experience developing and manufacturing standard and customized corona and plasma surface treatment systems for the plastics and metal industries.

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